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Founded in 1978

over 40 years of railway modelling

What a year that was and now, we have a lot to look forward to in 2019. 

Work continues on 4 new Club layouts;

invitations to attend shows keep rolling in

and planning for our own Pickering Show is well underway.  

Well, the North of England Line team got off to a fantastic start to the new year.

Their first appearance in 2019 and they win yet another trophy!


North of England Line

won best layout at 
Erith in Kent.

That's their 16th trophy!

SDRM members continue to build quality portable layouts in 0, 00, 009 and N gauges.

These are designed to be exhibited and we have a number of layouts ready for
showing at your exhibition.                                 Click here to see our layout pages.

 Our next 3 exhibition dates/appearances are:

16 February

North of England Line

Rumbling Bridge

at Tonbridge (Kent)

23 - 24 February

Lomond Street

at Heworth, York

2 - 3 March

North of England Line

at Preston