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Durham Street

A new 0 gauge layout from 

Scarborough and District
Railway Modellers

Durham Street is set at the end of that golden bygone era, when our magnificent steam locomotives were starting to be phased out for the ‘new-era’ diesels.

The changes being introduced in the early 1960s meant our railways were never going to be the same again!

Our layout attempts to show how one typical engine shed on the North Eastern Region was slowly adapting to the changes, still meeting the needs of the steam locos while, sometimes begrudgingly, servicing the needs of the diesels.

Click on the link below to see the Durham Street video:


 With special thanks to Andrew Gebbie
and his
 Heritage and Model Rail channel

The old coaling station shows how labour intensive refilling tenders used to be, with some locos requiring up to 8 tons of coal at a time. 

Some valuable sidings have had to be given up to make room for a diesel fuelling station!

The unusual use of the turntable shows a clever space-saving solution to allow for the emptying of the ash pit.

We’d like to thank all those members of SDRM, who have helped with the building of this layout with its integrated digital controls.

Durham Street is an end-to-end 0 gauge layout measuring 23ft x 4ft.  Its ideal operating footprint would be 28ft x 9ft, allowing operators to work both safely and comfortably from the front (interacting with visitors) and from the back.  A table and 2 chairs would be appreciated.

It requires a 230v - 10amp supply within 6 feet of the layout.  RCDs are included.
It needs an overhead clearance of 8ft to accommodate its own lighting rig.
The layout requires a medium sized hire van for transportation and normally needs 6 operators.

Contact Ian Harper for further details:
mob: 07966 230271