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 Evan Quarry



A 009 layout being built by
Dianne and Gary Norman.



Evan Quarry is a small independent slate quarry in North Wales. History of quarrying on the site goes back to roman times but this was on a very small scale, subsequently, this led to a sheltered area high up in the mountains becoming Evan farm.

During the 1800’s the slate industry grew dramatically in the area and the Evan family chose to exploit the abundant source they had around them in favour of the meagre income from hill farming.

The quarry grew steadily and the first steam locomotives arrived in 1899. Shortly afterwards a tragic accident, involving the Evan’s only son, George;  the neighbouring farmer’s son, Bryn Roberts; and locomotive number 3; resulted in Bryn being left crippled.  

Due to this Dafydd, as head of the family and quarry owner, had all locomotives converted to tram locomotives – despite this gesture relations between the neighbouring families never recovered.

As Evan Quarry grew, the quality of slate to the north of the farm deteriorated dramatically with every one tonne of usable slate, creating 34 tonnes of waste.  Hence the site was becoming buried in the vast waste piles.  The good quality slate lay to the south but this was Roberts’ family land and so unobtainable.  This continued until 1919 when Aled Roberts (Bryns’ father) passed away.

Bryn Roberts, unable to takeover farming, sold the land to the Evan family and in return received a regular share of the profits.  Evan Quarry could now grow in prosperity but dark times lay ahead with the outbreak of World War 2. 

Following the war, a boom in the industry saw the quarry go from strength to strength, but within 15 years the industry was decimated by cheap foreign imports and Evan Quarry, along with most small independent quarries, was abandoned and left to the elements.







Currently, still under construction but,

Gary and Dianne hope to have this ready for

the Pickering Model Railway show in 2019