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Glenngary Tramway

A Gauge 1 model in 1:32 scale
created by Gary and Dianne Norman

This scratch built model draws inspiration from the Central Tramway in Scarborough, which opened in 1881.  These tramways, or funicular railways, were mostly constructed during the Victorian era at seaside resorts, although there were inland examples.

They provided a quick and efficient method of connecting the town to the sea fronts, avoiding the tortuous cliff paths.

As with the prototype, Glenngary Tramway has a cafe at the upper station; the tramway company taking advantage of their captive customers as they exited the trams from their rapid ascent.

Although the tramways used gravity for propulsion, the weight of the downward car assisting the ascent of the upward tram, assistance was provided by water balanced hydraulics or, uniquely in the case of Central Tramway, steam!  Like its miniature cousin Glenngary, Central Tramway is still operational today.

Glenngary is Gauge 1 (modelled in 1:36 scale), having a 2m x 2m operating footprint.  The layout is transported in the back of an estate car and requires only two operators.  We require 2 chairs for behind the layout when at exhibitions and we need 1 x 13amp socket within 2 metres.

As members of a model railway club, we realise the importance of keeping exhibition costs to a minimum.  We have found that we can sometimes transport two (or more) layouts to a show for the same price as only one.  Please contact our Secretary for more details.