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Each Wednesday, Mike and/or Jim will give an update on matters affecting the Club.  

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It's now been 44 weeks
since initial lockdown


Updated 20th January     

Communication from the Secretary                       Good evening all.

As I switched on my computer to write this latest note today, the computer reminded me that it is a club night starting at 19.00 hours.  If only!  On the bright side, however, the roll out of the vaccine gives plenty of hope that at some time in the not so distant future, we will be able to resume some sort of life as we used to know it.  I am aware of various friends and acquaintances who have, or are about to have, the “jab” as the BBC likes to call it.  I know that Roy, in isolation in Leeds, has had his vaccination today.  If the vaccination is as good as claimed then as the number of people vaccinated grows, so too is our relief that fewer people will become seriously ill or worse. 

Sadly exhibitions continue to be cancelled.  Nick tells me that Wakefield in September is cancelled and as he says, 2021 might also be written off as far as exhibitions go.  Our Scarborough show is postponed until 2022 but the Committee has not yet taken any decision about the Pickering show and will continue to keep the whole situation under review.  This is also the case in relation to the re-opening of the clubhouse.  Let us hope that the light at the end of the tunnel starts to get brighter.  Meanwhile our own Workshop Manager has been flying the flag on local radio.  Ian was interviewed on Coast and Country last week about the club and our hobby.  Sadly Coast and Country does not reach Thornton!

When the clubhouse does re-open, which hopefully will not be too far off, the club’s finances should still be in a healthy position particularly as we have now received two Government Covid grants and may well qualify for a third.  The first grant of £10,000, which we received last year, partly covered the Club’s losses for not holding our Scarborough and Pickering Shows in 2020.  A further £1334 (awarded this week) will partly cover our subscription losses to date, as detailed in the latest Club accounts.  Meanwhile, a further claim for £6001 is now being processed to cover the expected losses from this latest lockdown, including having to postpone our Scarborough 2021 show.  As always, nothing is guaranteed but we will keep you informed of any progress.  Fingers crossed….  We should note that all of the above amounts are predetermined by the Government, based on the rateable value of our Clubroom.  A sincere thank you goes to Roland for pursuing this issue on behalf of the Club.

Roland reports that it has now been 6 weeks since his hip replacement and apparently all is going well although he is having a job being patient while he awaits a complete return to normal.   He managed to get his planned changes to Yorkshire Pennines’ track completed before going into hospital and the layout is now set up in his garage and operational.  He is now looking at the computer software with a view to making the layout easier to operate while at an exhibition.  Sadly, Roland reports that his brother Steve is in the process of dismantling the wonderful layout in the shed in his garden, which I know a number of club members have seen.   Roy and I had the privilege of seeing it before the pandemic struck and it certainly set a standard to aim at!  It is a pity but the building where it is housed is needed for office space.  Roland’s report can be seen on the website together with Nick’s latest contribution to “tales from lockdown”.

In the meantime,  Keep Safe    Jim 


Updated 13 January.     Communication from the Secretary.   Good evening all.

Another communication as we start off the New Year.  Not long now until we have been in this pandemic for a year.  What a year it has been with new words entering into the country’s vocabulary such as “furlough” and “coronavirus”.  Let’s hope the vaccination programme proves to be successful and we can eventually return to a more normal life. 

Sadly, we have taken the decision to postpone the Scarborough show as reported last week by the Chairman.  The good news is that it is only postponed and the hall has already been booked for next year.  We are nevertheless fortunate that, in the main, our exhibitors, donators of raffle prizes and paying advertisers have pledged their support for when we are finally able to mount the show in Scarborough.  We also have permission to retain the banner at the North Bay site until 2022, which should help us to remain in the minds of our supporters.  At the same time, the Committee will continue to keep the whole situation under review with the aim of opening up the club as soon as it is legal and possible to do so.  We will also continue to monitor the situation in regard to the planned Pickering show, although there is no pressing need, at this point, to make any decision about holding the show.

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of interest in model railways and in this regard our very own Ian Harper is due to be interviewed tomorrow on the radio.  Coast and Country Radio (on 94.7 on the FM band) will conduct the interview, suitably distanced, at 12.30 on Thursday.  I know that Ian is a great advocate of modelling as a hobby and will do us proud.

The website continues to be regularly updated and the latest contributions “from lockdown” are to be found here.  Worth reading as always.

In the meantime,     Keep Safe.    Jim 


Updated 07 January

From the Chairman    Good evening all,

Reluctantly, but inevitably the committee and working party have taken the decision to postpone the Scarborough Show originally scheduled to take place on 10/11th April 2021.

This decision was taken after extensive canvassing of participants by Ian, and he wishes that I pass on his grateful thanks to all who gave most valuable feedback and helpful suggestions for a way forward, a sentiment that I would echo.

Of course, the decision was not taken lightly, but it was overwhelmingly agreed to take the decision sooner rather than later and ease any mounting concerns that all involved have regarding the worsening Covid-19 situation and ensure that your physical and mental well-being is not compromised.

I think many will be breathing a collective sigh of relief at this announcement.

Now, I know many of you will have been looking forward to getting back to exhibiting again, so I’d like to end this brief announcement on a positive note.

Ian has made enquiries regarding the availability of the hall for the weekend of 22/23/24th April 2022 and has provisionally booked the venue for this date and is contacting exhibitors, guests and all other parties to ascertain their availability.  So far, it's all positive responses.

Roland will be updating the website and has contacted all our sponsors regarding advertising, donations, services and raffle prizes in an effort to keep everyone updated and onside, and to facilitate a smooth transition of all the aforementioned to our proposed new date.

Jamie is keeping on top of everything regarding our Pickering Show and has asked me to assure you all that the annual SDRM show to be held on 21st/22nd August 2021 remains unaffected by this announcement, although we are of course monitoring the situation.

Jim will be keeping us all updated via this weekly communication and, as things develop, all our committee members will work together to ensure that you are the first to know.

So, despite this setback there is still something positive to look forward to.  Keep any ideas and suggestions coming in.  All are considered, taken on merit and may form future policy and strategy, but in the meantime keep modelling!

All the best, and stay safe.    Mike


From the Secretary

A Club member has alerted us to the existence of a scam which attempts to get members of the public to supply personal data, including bank/credit card details, under cover of what sounds like a legitimate call in order to get short-listed for the Covid vaccination.  Whatever happens you should not provide any bank/credit card details over the telephone as a result of such a call as this is certain to be a scam.  Given the age range of our membership this might well be something of which we may well be the target.  More details are available here:



Nick Skelton has provided a further update on his situation as well as a further interesting photograph.  Glad to say Nick is recovering but his experience with Covid is a further warning to us that it is worth taking all precautions to avoid getting infected.  His update is available on the website.    Jim