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NoEL 2


North of England Line 2


A new N gauge layout from the team that brought you North of England Line 1


Scarlington represents a rural town in the 1970s / 80s

The new diesels are now firmly established but there are still the occasional steam specials around.

The shops names will be familiar and the road traffic is as bad as it is today!

With plenty of action to keep everyone entertained, Scarlington proves to be popular with visitors.

The team that brought NoEL1 fame (if not fortune) have turned their hands to a new N gauge layout.

At Scarlington's first exhibition
(Falkirk in Nov 2019)
it won 3 trophies.

They're off to a good start...

These first two photos are courtesy of Tony Wright 

Click here to see more Scarlington photos

 Click here to see the Scarlington video   


With special thanks to Andrew Gebbie and his Heritage and Model Rail channel

For Exhibition Managers:

Scarlington is a DC N gauge layout, measuring 21ft x 3ft. 
It's operating footprint is 29ft x 8ft. 
It needs an 8ft overhead clearance to
accommodate its own lighting rig.

Scarlington needs 4 operators and a hire van for transportation.