Scarborough & District Railway Modellers

The Brick  (73b)

A layout by Chris Martin

This railway complex first started in 1844 as a passenger station, then later goods sidings and an extended loco facility. 

The name comes from the local pub - the Bricklayers Arms!

The station did not last long, but the goods activity grew as well as additional engine sheds, complete with large turntable.


In reality, all were closed in 1981 and the whole area is now used for housing, commercial properties and industrial units.

For the layout, the view is that most of the former railway has been sold off but some facilities remain, including a small oil depot serving part of SE London. A remaining steel fabrication factory is still served by rail and a four road MPD keeps going for small repairs and servicing.

Details abound throughout: with two operators, there is always something on the move. The main road is the Mandela Way, pictured as it is today. Of note is the T34 tank, placed on a small piece of land as a protest and has been used by graffiti artists for years.

Note for exhibition managers

Actual size in 10ft x 2ft. Operating area 10ft x 5ft
Insurance value £1500. 1amp powerpoint required
Requires two operators and is transported in an estate car @ 35p per mile from Scarborough

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