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Yorkshire Pennines


An award winning 

N gauge layout by Roland Wood

Yorkshire Pennines is set in the present era in a part of the country where the rugged Pennines meets the stunning Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors.  It depicts a fictitious scene that could on a part of the East Coast mainline, where a supposed preserved railway line has adjoining platforms.

In this picturesque countryside, some charter trains run, as well as the expected freight and passenger services.  The preserved railway line is a popular tourist attraction.

This layout is computer controlled, but gives the operators the choice between full manual operation; full computer control or a bit of each!  Most locos are equipped with sound.

Part of the enjoyment of model railways is in the building of the layout.  Once built, some start to think of their next layout.  We, on the other hand, continue to learn the many ways the computer can drive the trains; keeping to timetable; obeying signals; avoiding ‘SPAD's and accidents!  Never a dull moment...

We’d like to thank SDRM Club members who have helped with the building of the layout and specialists CR Signals for their help with the signals and for fitting sound decoders and speakers into the very small N gauge locos!

Yorkshire Pennines is an oval layout measuring 10ft x 5ft and is scenic in its full 360o.  With the computer monitors covering the centre well, facing forward, it is best viewed from the front and sides.  The operators are at either side, close to the public, enabling easy interaction.   It's operating footprint is therefore 18ft x 13ft, allowing access around the layout. 
It is often positioned on a corner site, facilitating viewing of 2 sides with clear sight of the side and rear of the layout.

It needs an overhead clearance of 8ft to accommodate its own lighting rig and a power point within 4ft of the layout.

Yockenthwaite station

Preserved railway platform


Track plan

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Yorkshire Pennines fits in a small hire van and needs 4+1 operators.

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Roland used to have the Computrains demonstration layout, showing how computer control could be added to your layout.  Yorkshire Pennines can be used in a similar fashion, allowing demonstrations and formal presentations, followed by a question and answer session, delivered on a regular basis throughtout the exhibition. 

Please contact Roland for further details:   roland@sdrmweb.co.uk